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3 Things Anyone Can Do Right Now To Look and Feel Superhuman


  1. Sign up for Paleo Meal Deliveries to have the worlds & humanity’s healthiest way of eating delivered to your doorstep 3 times a week. After a month of eating this way you will feel incredible. There is no need to think about your nutrition again. Ever.

  1. Do it.

  1. Find a trainer that cares about your unique requirements. My friend Dara O’Boyle has opened a brand new gym in Blanchardstown in West Dublin. Dara is one of the few trainers that actually cares about every single detail and this carries through in his training – he even eats strawberries with his steak! The point is, don’t tolerate neglectful trainers. A combination of a reliable trainer and meal plan provider will not only have you looking and feeling immense, but your central nervous system and brain will thank you. Richard Branson was once asked if he could advise people to do one thing to become more productive what would it be? His answer was simple – “work out.”

  1. Yes I said “3 things anyone can do” but sometimes what you don’t do is more important. Don’t eat crap whilst on our meal plans, exclude dairy, exclude grains & legumes. Stick to the meal plan and when it comes to exercise “do as little as is needed, not as much as possible.” as some famous Olympic lifter once said J

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James Statham
James Statham