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You Won't Know Yourself...

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2012

Time: 20.18

Gulp, gulp - aghh. One pint of heavily diluted Sun Warrior Liquid Light Iodine down the hatch to polish off the latest paleo dinner of Baked Fillet of Hake marinated in orange juice, mustard & honey served with mixed veggies. Acidity neutralized - feet up for a few precious moments to enjoy the latest episode of Family Guy.

Approximately 2 hours earlier I was in the downward dog position half way through my final class of Hatha Yoga at Crunch gym in Dun Laoghaire - 9 shoulder dislocations & sciatica keeps me away from the free weights area these days. Pilates & Yoga are the order of the day - or rather, the next few months... The class starts at 6pm and lasts 60 minutes - one of the better timed classes as I work 9am - 5.30pm so this suits my schedule perfectly. 10 minutes in the jacuzzi and 10 in the steam room is the standard way I round off this chillout (yet indespensible) routine - and not in a rushed way because I know I have plenty of time. I've been outsourcing my grocery shopping, meal preparation and cooking for the past few months giving me time to do the things I want during the week nights instead of being a slave to "The Vicious Cycle".


Prior to this decision to no longer be a victim of late nights and reactionary dinners, I had been eating steak and spinach for weeks, sometimes I'd mix things up with a chicken breast or steamed broccoli but generally a fairly one dimensional, minimal effort dish. Effective but not too inspiring by any account. The reason for minimal effort was not out of laziness but rather it was in the interest of saving time - when you factor in the time it takes to shop for the right things, prepare the ingredients, cook, add flavours, consume and finally wash-up, for most of us it's time for bed - especially if you're trying to squeeze in a decent gym session in the evenings also... How about getting your life back, I thought. The seed for Paleo Meal Deliveries was sown...

So let's be honest, anything that free's up our time each day is a good thing. I'm sure my story is not a case in isolation, right?

Apart from the nutritional benefit of eating the Paleo way, the convenience of a meal delivery service is something to behold. I now enjoy my mid-week evenings, can go to midweek movies in the cinema, eat out (yes "eat out" - in a rest-au-rant, I'm not a hermit) and still have time to go to the gym, focus on my business, live a life beyond work and not just at the weekend. I now sleep better (due to cleaner diet as well as being in bed, fully digested no later than 11pm weeknights) have more energy and generally get alot more done.

This is no hard sell, but more people should try it.

You simply won't know yourself.



James Statham
James Statham