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Cooking in a Flash: How to Reheat Food without Overcooking It

Running a meal delivery business, a common question I get is, "how can food be reheated without being recooked?". The answer is to use a technique called "Flashing".

Do It in a Flash 

Food can be cooked either “a la minute,” literally meaning “to the minute,” or to order; or food can be made ahead of time and then reheated for service. The latter technique, known as “flashing,” is a used everyday by restaurant chefs and caterers so that they can serve large quantities of hot food without having to time the cooking of it all at the last minute. The principle of flashing is to reheat room temperature or slightly warm food in a very hot oven for a short period of time. This enables food to reach its desired temperature while preventing further cooking. Foods can be flashed from 425 to 475 degrees F, anywhere from 2-10 minutes. 

The rule here is, the denser the food, the longer it'll require. I.e. Soup or stew takes longer than a chicken breast with diced veggies.

Also, we highly recommend throwing away your microwave or giving it to somebody you don't like... They kill the potency of your food's nutrient profile and therefore you simply don't get the benefits you deserve.

James Statham
James Statham