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Diet Plan Delivery - How it works & what to look for.

Diet plan delivery services are growing in popularity here in Dublin & through out Ireland also. 

Customers can now order meals to be gluten free and portion controlled whilst having them delivered to their home, office, gym or work place anywhere in Dublin. A customised meal plan for various diets can be a life-changing service and worth paying an extra few quid for. 

Paleo Meal Deliveries offers various diet plans such as paleo for vegetarians, paleo for weight loss and body recomposition, paleo for power and adding muscle through high protein, paleo for auto immunity. These diets vary in low carb intake, protein & positive fats. The macronutrient split depends on the desired outcome. The belief here is that for most people with high body fat % cutting carbohydrates and using positive fats for energy is far more beneficial as carbs increase insulin & blood sugar levels far more than consuming positive fats. Insulin stores fat... whereas consumed fat is burnt off very easily when exercise is taken with little to no spike in insulin. 

After all "Rome wasn't buildt in a day" and even small changes in meals can make big changes but it does take time and persistence to actually see the changes - timelines depend on individual metabolism rates, gut health and lifestyle.

With the new laws coming in for calorie counting on menus, there will be many people misled on the what is really important i.e. food choice. Yes calorie counting has a role to play but it is secondary to food choice by a long way. It's no use eating artery-clogging cheese, oils, sugars, negative fats, salts, gluten, preservatives but then insisting you were well within your recommended caloric intake.

When choosing a diet delivery service, make sure that you are not fooled by things like calorie counting. Many services will promote taste & portion control with excellent food photography & PR but their menus are in actual fact full of rubbish. 

Avoid lasagnes, pasta dishes, breads, wraps, potatoes, grains including corn, wheat, oats etc, beans, peas, pulses of any kind, pizza's, cheese, dairy, fruit especially fruit juices, processed foods, fatty oils, butter, peanuts (unless you're sub 10% bodyfat you should not be eating more than 1 piece of fruit per day). Bare this in mind when looking for a diet delivery service if you want to achieve your goals. Otherwise you are fooling yourself and wasting your time and money - simple as.

Focus on a service that offers clean grassfed beef, wild fish & seafood, 100% Irish poultry, free range eggs, local and seasonal vegetables, fruit, nuts & seeds, no preservatives, no processed foods, no MSG, no gluten, no refined sugars or salts.

James Statham
James Statham