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Paleo Personalities: The Foodie and The Fitness Freak

Which are you? Are you a foodie, or a fitness freak?

 Hmm, I wonder if Jennifer Anniston's bum is considered paleo...

At Paleo Meal Deliveries Dublin, it was our one year anniversary at the beginning of April this year and we've come along way in terms of understanding & catering to the different types of personalities of people who enjoy our meals. What we've learnt is that there is definitely a sliding scale of the ways in which people view their food and nutrition...

At one extremity you have The Foodie and at the other you have The Fitness Freak. They have VERY different perspectives and priorities when it comes to ordering their meals. The Foodie places a lot of emphasis on taste, texture, flavourings,etc and has pretty much zero tolerance of anything that isn't created by Jamie Oliver's mum. The Fitness Freak however, wants to know EXACTLY what is in their meals, counts every calorie and is highly focused on results yet doesn't really mind if he/she has to eat gravel and bark seven days a week to achieve their goals whether they be aesthetic or fitness related. However, these two personality types share some things in common like convenience and the desire for day to day variety. Most people are somewhere in between these two, in that whilst they are looking for taste & exotic flavourings, their priority is results and to have a reliable, transparent and traceable service they can count on. 

We strive to be the best at offering both mouthwatering flavours and textures along with laser focused accuracy in terms of calorie counting, macro nutritional splits, meal plan structure etc. One thing is for certain for most people, and that is that they need to put down the chocolate bar and cut back on the pints first before they begin to think about prioritising a commitment to lasting change. If they're past this stage, the next best step I suggest to almost everyone, especially those with some motivation, is to try go at least 90% paleo for 30 days and see how you feel after it. For most people it will be life changing - they will see the world through a new lense. If you're skeptical, I suggest taking a blood test on Day 1 and then again on Day 30 and comparing the results. The majority of people notice a huge difference in the first 2-3 days of cutting out all grains, all dairy, all pulses, all refined sugars & salts, and all processed foods. Skin, hair, sleep, energy, eye-sight, concentration, mood - everything improves. How much depends on the individual, but in general it's pretty significant and a life-changing experience especially when mixed with some form of physical exercise, ideally involving some resistance training. 

Remember, in the words of Henry Ford, 

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." 

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James Statham
James Statham