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Introduction to Paleo DIY

Have you just recently joined a gym or started an exercise routine?

Perhaps you have being putting off a "New You" for too long now...for whatever reason be it ongoing, undiagnosed stomach problems, over-consumption of dairy products, or your just worried that something isn't quite right inside you... and doctors don't really know either, you can be almost certain that it's diet related - for some us years go by without doing anything because well, we don't know what to do - the gym will only do so much. Multivitamins are generally overpriced and all you really pay for is some glowing pee.

Diet is most likely a huge part of your problems if you identify with these issues - it isn't necessarily the content of your daily eating. in many cases it can actually be under eating, skipping breakfast and thereby not triggering your metabolism into a fat burning state also doesn't help if it goes on too long, what eventually happens is that you become insulin resistant, your thyroid doesn't function properly and the state of your hormone profile leads to a wide range of health problems. Whilst the truth is that your health depends on a number of lifestyle related factors, nutrition and actually avoiding certain foods is probably about 70% of your success... So, what to do, especially in a modern society where we're generally in a rush and surrounded by tempting, sugary processed foods?

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James Statham
James Statham