Our Female Fitness Ambassador - Trainer & Model, Lisa McDevitt of Lisa - Paleo Meal Deliveries Ireland - Real Food Real Results, Prepared and Delivered

We welcome Lisa McDevitt of Lisa Dee Fitness aboard the Paleo Meal Deliveries Ireland & UK train as our dedicated female fitness ambassador.

Lisa Dee Fitness

We are delighted to sign Lisa as our ambassador - as you can see she embodies everything positive in terms of female health and happiness.

To us, it was important to find somebody with natural beauty and of course a genuine smile - but also somebody who gives 100% each day and somebody who lives by our core principles of living a happy, healthy lifestyle whilst contributing to help others do the same. Lisa is a very successful & well known bootcamp trainer, bikini model and physique competitor who specialises in female body transformations. Follow Lisa here on Facebook to see real life images showcasing some of her client's before and after photos each of whom followed a macro split style meal plan each week, with some moderate variation here and there for individual requirements. Whilst she isn't strictly 100% paleo herself, Lisa is a strong believer in eating "healthy whole foods" and focuses on the nutritional density of her meals. We just happen to make it convenient and tasty!

2015 sees us grow into the UK market now, being able to serve ANY address in the UK for just £5 to the door. However, we're still proud to represent the best Ireland has to offer and Lisa adds to this.

Please feel free to follow Lisa for all female fitness & nutrition related tips & tricks!

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