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Brother Kevin Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless People

The Capuchin Day Centre for Homeless has journeyed with people in need since 1969 including the last recession of the 1980’s, nothing has prepared them for the level of demand for the service.  Since the collapse of the Banks in 2008 their numbers have more than doubled.  Latest figures show we provide 250 breakfasts each day with 400 extra on a Wednesday.  Their dinner service has increased and is seldom less that 480 with a couple of days in the week exceeding 500.  In keeping with their child protection policies, they have a designated family area where parents and their children can enjoy nutritious meals in safety.

We at Paleo Meal Deliveries are delighted to have had the opportunity to donate a full 5 day meal plan of nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners to the centre on Thursday 11th Dec. It's only a small fraction of what they need but if we all give a bit lads, we can make a difference, especially at this time of year.

Thank you to Volunteer Co-ordinator Alan for meeting with us and accepting the meals.