Current Menu - only €6 on avg per meal! - Paleo Meal Deliveries Ireland - Real Food Real Results, Prepared and Delivered

Current Menu - only €6 on avg per meal!

May Week 1 Menu

(Menu is subject to small changes & can be customised to taste or low FODMAPs)




Breakfast: Banana, prune, lemon & coconut cake

Lunch: Roast red pepper & tomato soup with sliced turkey breast and rocket & garlic oil

Dinner: Roast chicken, chunky vegetable, carrot, parsnip, turnip with a tomato & herb sauce



Breakfast: Crunchy nut granola

Lunch: Roast sliced turkey with a warm beetroot, tomato & broccoli salad

Dinner: Turkey curry with cauliflower, sweet potato and red peppers



Breakfast: Smoked bacon & eggs

Lunch: Roast turkey breast with cabbage, roast carrots and a creamy mushroom sauce

Dinner: BBQ pulled pork, lemon & coriander slaw with half roast baked sweet potato



Breakfast: Bacon with courgettes, mushrooms, chives & Egg hash

Lunch: Shepherds pie with celeriac & turnip topping and cabbage

Dinner: Lean Ground Beef & Onion cottage pie with celeriac & parsnip topping, celery and leeks



Breakfast: Smoked haddock with baked eggs, asparagus, dill & PMD hollandaise sauce

Lunch: Curried cauliflower & parsnip soup with turkey & coriander oil

Dinner: Beetroot cured salmon with roast cauliflower, broccoli, squash, herb and balsamic dressing



Breakfast: Smoked ham with parsley, sweet potato, wholegrain mustard & broccoli hash

Lunch: Thai chicken salad with napa slaw, hard head cabbage, carrot coriander, spring onion, ginger, chilli & Lime juice

Dinner: Sundried tomato & mushroom stuffed pork loin with sweet potato & carrot mash, cabbage in a white wine creamy sauce






Are you a fussy eater or require FODMAP customisation??

Simply choose the "custom" option when ordering and add a note to your order.

This menu macro split & caloric intake is adjusted for whichever plan you choose.

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