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Macro split, portion control, calorie counting

Here is where we calculate the exact amount of calories or Paleo Protein, Positive Fats & Clean Carbohydrates you need per day to achieve your goals.

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Macro Nutrients Bodyweight to Macro Weight Calories per day
Protein 0 g 0 Protein Kcals
Fats 0 g 0 Fats Kcals
Carbs 0 g 0 Carb Kcals
Total Daily Calories (Recommended intake) 0 Total Kcals

Further Details
  • The calculator has automatically updated the totals calories & grams per macro nutrient specifically for you and your goals!
  • Jot down your macro nutrient weights (the grams of protein/fats/carbs) - now you know how to portion control your daily intake specifically for you and your goals - congratulations!
  • PROTEIN: This is important because we will give you 120 grams of protein through the meals each day - you will need to make up the balance through your own supplementation or we can provide extra portions of cooked paleo protein here
  • FATS: Our plans give you approx 50g of positive fats per day. You can add extra portions of positive fats by adding some of our on-the-go paleo treats here.
  • CARBS: In terms of carbohydrates - we aim to give you approx 60-70 g of carbs per day. Extra portions of carbs and protein are extra and can be found here.

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BEWARE: Through the right food choice with appropriate portion control, and some exercise on your part, results are inevitable.You may notice some benefits without exercise but you can't expect miracles in terms of body re-composition if you're mostly sedentary - no matter how clean your diet is!