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Men (and ladies): Don't forget to weigh your nuts!

Ok so nuts are a great source of protein to balance out meat & seafood dishes BUT they are also a very good source of positive fats... some might say too good. That's why it's essential to weigh (and pre-package) your nuts.

We recommend using a digital food weighing scales. This allows you to automatically deduct the weight of the container (bowl) from the weight of the actual food, in this case Brazil nuts.You can see the weight is 0 even with the bowl on the scales.

Now we add the Brazil Nuts til we get an ounce (approx. 28g)

28 grams of Brazil Nuts is 200 Calories, 5 grams of Protein, 6 grams of Carbs and 20 grams of Fat! And you can see from the second pic that we are only talking about a handful or Brazil Nuts here - so be smart, (and this is a general statement, for people trying to loose fat mainly) when you buy nuts of any kind, take them out of their original packing and try get used to using a small tupperware tub to bring this healthy snack with you each day - and avoid the "Domino Effect" where once you start, you can't stop and before you realize it, you've eaten 50+ grams of fat!