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The Paleo Diet: Nutritious, Delicious, and Slimming

What the Paleo Diet is.


Not to be cute or clever, but when I first heard of the Paleo Diet, I thought, seriously, that it had to do with dinosaur diets. Or that is was Wilma Flintstone's diet of choice. I was wrong on both counts ... sort of.


The Paleo Diet comprises foods that cavemen literally would have, or could have, eaten: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. All of these foods were available for our earliest ancestors to eat. Fairly well all other foods are off limits, including processed foods and alcohol (which is not really a food, but its inclusion on the "avoid" list is notable).


For those individuals looking for a diet rich in nutrition and that promotes a healthy lifestyle, the Paleo Diet is a good pick. For those individuals fortunate enough to reside in beautiful Ireland, there are several Paleo meal delivery services.


Achieve the Healthy Lifestyle You Desire


While the Paleo Diet will certainly promote weight loss, the primary effect of this diet is the overall improved health benefit. The foods that are allowed are full of nutrition, For example, the healthy fats derived from olives, avocados, and nuts are claimed to assist in the reduction of instances of heart disease. The diet requires the ingestion of foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


The Paleo Diet is simple, but the variety of foods can grow dull unless one either develops a flair for cooking or finds a convenient Paleo meal delivery service. Ireland hosts several high quality such services.


Go Caveman


Generally speaking, then, the Paleo Diet is probably the one we were born to. When a person has been on the diet for even just one week, she will think "This is the food I was born to eat." Free of processed foods, alcohol, starches, sugars, and most dairy products, the Paleo Diet delivers all of the nutrition that our bodies crave, and help to improve the nature and overall quality of our lifestyle.


Of course, our ancestors developed this diet out of necessity and availability. Certainly, their lives were at least as busy as our own, and probably more so. But a large part of their time was spent on hunting and gathering and collecting and cooking the materials that we have come to call the "Paleo Diet." We, unlike them, have other demands on our time that take us away from the hunt, the harvest, and the food preparation. As previously mentioned, this diet can become quite cumbersome if a dieter enjoys gourmet recipes and complex flavors.


In Ireland, we can "go caveman" without the necessity of overly demanding food preparation schedules, including shopping and cooking and cleaning. Instead, we have the option of finding our local Paleo or Paleo-friendly meal delivery service. With the nutrition from the diet, the convenience of the meal delivery service, and the ease of use, the Paleo Diet will certainly help any dieter enjoy a healthful and quality lifestyle.X