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Bikini Body Bundle Plan

  • Eating a high protein breakfast of at least 30g of protein within 30 mins of waking up ("the 30 in 30 rule") is the singe most effective tactic for dropping a dress size as outlined in this Dr. Oz video clip - this meal plan gives you delicious, high protein breakies to set you on your way.
  • Only €6 on avg per meal!
  • Here's the current menu.
  • Fussy eater?? Simply select the customisation option from the drop down menu above the "Add to Cart" button here to let us know via email what ingredients and foods you may wish to avoid.
  • The Bikini Body Bundle consists of 3 meals a day including a higher protein, cooked breakfast each morning compared to our regular plans. (This is based on the "30g of protein within 30mins of waking" method as outlined by Tim Ferriss in NYTimes Bestseller The Four Hour Body as the single most effective thing you can do for shedding excess bodyfat without exercise.
  • Metabolic enhancing meals to boost fat loss from early in the day - don't skip breakfast!

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