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Paleo Bread Loaf (65g positive fats)


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Delicious grain free, dairy free, sot free, high protein, low carb, positive fat, tasty homemade paleo bread loaf!

No added sugar.

Made with mixed nut flour and free range eggs along with other delicious, paleo-only ingredients!

The ideal snack for in between meals or to supplement a breakfast or lunch, handy for in the office too!

High in protein and positive fats, a slice or two of this is a great way to beat hunger whilst balancing insulin (the fat storing hormone!) throughout the day

Approx 550 Kcal per loaf, with macro-split of 25/65/5 Proteins/Positive Fats/Carbs


N.B: Brownies, muffins & breads must be kept refrigerated - they will last 5 days maximum in the fridge upon receiving them.

All treats can also be frozen for up to 3 months.

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